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Legislation | IMEASC | Campaign for Legislation to provide Irish-Medium Education at School



IMEASC are promoting that legislation is passed to provide a steady and sustainable increase in the provision of Irish-Medium Education over the next 20 years. Why?


Best international practice illustrates that all countries with successful and sustainable long-term language programmes are anchored in a legislative framework that incorporates multi-language medium education into their education systems.


EU commissioned analyses recognise that legislative frameworks adopted by governments, particularly in the area of education, are key contributing factors to language vitality.


The Dept. of Education needs a legislative framework in order to be able to plan and provide the requisite infrastructure on a long-term sustainable basis.

IMEASC have prepared draft legislation as an example of what is required. We aim to secure the support of all TD’s and Senators to achieve sufficient provision of IME for our children to meet the existing demand.